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Documentary Photographer & Civil Engineer promoting new paradigms for living.
Cppyright Nilmini De Silva Photography

She spoke about her experiences and mentioned she was…

I saw them on my way out this morning
Fallen petals
Strewn on the sandstone path
The promise they held just a day ago
Extinguished in a moment
Their pristine white garb now crumpled
By a passing storm that went unnoticed
It happened in the dead of night
While we all slept, silently
The sad petals still here in the morning
Their dreams in shatters
They look up at the other blossoms
On the tree where they all used to live
Encouraged to shine
Until that storm
When it all went wrong.

They care about the Right to Life
But not…

Sunrise at Bombo Quarry ©Nilmini De Silva Photography

At sunrise, the quarry is a hauntingly beautiful place despite the pain we have inflicted on it. It is an ancient landscape once sculpted by the ocean but more recently re-shaped, as it was blasted to bits by men with sticks of dynamite in their quest for blue metal. As I sit on the clifftop and look down on the crashing waves, I am enveloped by the sounds of Country. …

The Bermagui Waterhole

For thousands of years the Djiringanj people came to the Bermagui Waterhole to camp and have ceremony. It was a sacred place and a permanent source of fresh water with an abundance of fish and shellfish. The waterhole lies on a major coastal walking track and is linked to the ceremonial, initiation and spiritual sites of the Yuin people. So, while the waterhole is on Djiringanj land, many other Yuin people and more distant Koori people also camped here, always making sure there was enough food left for those who would come after they moved on.

As we immerse ourselves…

©Nilmini De Silva Photography, Canon 6D, 16–25mm @16mm, f/8.0, 1/125sec and ISO 100

Urban agriculture will play a key role in tackling the growing problem of global food security.

Nilmini De Silva

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